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There's one simple thing that all businesses require in order to be viable, and that is sales!  Without them, we simply don't have a business. This month, we'll focus on how to thrive "going it alone". As you'll soon find out from the founder of Field of Ponies, for the first time in many...
This month we're focusing on the all important question: how are you going to fund your design venture?The road to success can be expensive in the fashion and design world. There are high upfront costs to create each product, and it takes time for your initial investment to yield profit.Not everyone has the funds...
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Our focus this month is on The Design Process; from first sketch, to getting your designs ready for your production house, we're covering everything you need to know. We're so honoured to have the expertise of award winning fashion consultant, James Hillman, for this Masterclass.  Charlie also takes us through some great ways you...
This month's masterclass is all about branding. A clear and well thought out brand strategy will help you attract and keep your ideal customers. Branding isn't just designing a logo and sticking to a colour scheme, it's in everything you do from your name, logo, website, blog, social media platforms, tone of voice, photography,...
Sustainable Business Model
This month's masterclass is all about Sustainable Business Models: the foundation of any successful, ethical company!  To me, a sustainable business is about creating a profitable venture with longevity, that also doesn’t exploit any of the people in it or the raw materials used to make its products. (more…)



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